Bare-Metal-Foil (metal foil)

Leave all fragile parts off till last. Before applying Bare-Metal, wipe the surface of the model with a clean lint-free cloth dampened with a little mild soap. This will remove any oil from handling, dust & lint. If you use masking, do your masking before applying the foil because the tape may pull the foil off. For the best masking job possible though, you can use Bare-Metal. You will get a beautiful sharp line because it adapts to compound curves & will not lift at edges like tape. Because of Bare-Metals extreme thinness, there will be no paint edge. When using as amasking, do not burnish down too tight or it will be harder to get back off. The only tools you will need are an Exacto knife with a # 11 blade, a honing stone, tooth picks for burnishing Bare Metal into fine places, & a piece of an old T-shirt. Use the honing stone to put a really fine edge on the # 11 blade so all you need is the weight of the knife to cut the foil without cutting the backing. This will also help you when lifting the foil from the backing paper and removing the excess from the model. (size ca. 15,5 x 29cm).

Super Chrom 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO   BAM-00
Aluminium (matt) 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO  BAM-01
Chrom 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO   BAM-02
Black 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO  BAM-03
Gold 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO  BAM-04
Kopper 14,40 DM          7,35 EURO  BAM-05


Bare Metal Plastic Polish

  9,10 DM           4,65 EURO


Great for polishing model aircraft canopies and fuselages after sanding and filing joints. Polishes model car windows and bodies. Polishes Bare-Metal Foil to bright shine. Model aircraft canopies: Fill in cracks around canopy with a plastic putty and after dry, sand canopy and fuselage with fine sandpaper. Most hobby shops carry very fine grit sandpaper made for plastics. Finish with the finest grit and then apply a little Bare-Metal Plastic Polish to a soft cloth and buff the sanded area. Polish with a clean cloth. Fuselage may be polished in the same manner. Polished area may be painted over. Model car windows and bodies may be polished to a high shine in same manner as above. In some cases, a painted model can be buffed to a high gloss but this depends on type of paint, how well it has dried, etc.- test in an inconspicuous place first. (1 fl. oz)



Polish Close

8,10 DM           4,15 EURO 


A extreme soft and fluffless clean cloth.



Micro Liquid Decal Film

  9,10 DM         4,70 EURO


To save old decals: Apply a continuous coat of Microscale Liquid Decal Film with an artists brush to to do old decal and allow to dry for 15 min. Apply like a regular Microscale Decal. (1 fl. oz.)



Micro Set

9,10 DM             4,70 EURO 

MIC-02 (28,35 gr.)


1. Brush Micro Set on models where decal is to be applied, then dip decal in water and slide off paper backing onto model.

2. Carefully brush more Micro Set on top of decal.

3. Wait a couple of minutes for decal to soften. Then press decal down with a piece of moist paper towel. Repeat step 3 if necessary. TO REMOVE DECALS: Brush Micro Set on decal to be removed, keep applying until decal losens, then rub off or lift edge of decal and peel off if able with the tip of a hobby knife.




Micro Sol

9,10 DM          4,70 EURO  

MIC-03 (28,35 gr.)


1. Brush Micro Set on models where decal is to be applied, then dip decal in water and slide off paper backing onto model.       

2. With a soft brush carefully apply Micro Sol on top of decal, allow decal to completely dry. Do not touch the decal until dry, as it is quite soft at this point. On difficult surfaces repeated applying and drying may be necessary. If air becomes trapped under decal forming a bubble, prick with a sharp needle and apply Micro Sol to correct.




Micro Kristal Klear

9,10 DM            4,70 EURO


1. As an adhesive, apply to joint with a brush, keep parts pressed together until dry using clamp, rubber bands, tape, etc. Any excess may be wiped away with a damp tissue while wet. Drying time 15 minutes or more.

2. For forming small windows (1/4'' or smaller), first paint the model. Put a drop of Kristal Klear on a toothpick and apply around the edge of the opening and draw it cross forming a bubble. When dry the bubble will be a very thin very clear 'window' and the edges to the sills will show, giving a most realistic look. It is very easy with a little practice. Clean up with water while wet.

3. Kristal Klear also makes excellent tenses, and may be colored with liquid food color. Simple lenses are make by applying a drop and letting dry.



Micro Mask Liquid

9,10 DM            4,70 EURO 


1. Make sure all paint is completely dry and surface is clean. Use of petroleum based paint on top of Micro Mask is recommended, other types should be tested befor using on your model. Paint containing water is not recommended over Micro Mask.

2. Brush on a smooth coat of Micro Mask on area to be masked. Allow to dry completely brush may be cleaned with water.

3. When dry Micro Mask may be cut into the most intricate shapes with sharp hobby knife using care to not cut roo deely into underlying paint. The places you wish to paint shouldbe carefully peeled out, and paint applied in any appropriate manner you choose, brush spray etc.

4. As soon as paint is dry to touch, Micro Mask may be removed, either by lifting edge and peeling away or by pressing masking or cellophane tape on 'Micro Masked' area and pulling away carefully so as not to lift any.




Micro Weld Adhesive

9,10 DM            4,70 EURO 


The liquid cement for styrene models.

1. Apply Micro Weld on both sides to be joined with a brush.

2. Press parts together firmly for a few seconds until they are secure. May be handled in 10 minutes, reaches maximum strengh overnight.





9,10 DM            4,70 EURO 


A coloured clear lacquer.

Flow on, using a fine wet brush. Second application may be neede on some parts. Flow on second application also.       WATER BASE - WATER SOLUBLE WATER CLEANUP! Drying time 15 to 30 minutes.



White and colourless decalsheets to make copies

DIN A 4 - colourless Decalsheet, to make copy

10,00 DM          5,10 EURO

DIN A 3 - colourless Decalsheet, to make copy 

18,40 DM          9,40 EURO

21 x 27 cm Decalsheet: white, to make copy

11,50 DM          5,90 EURO






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