Terms of delivery


- Please use the kit or decal order numbers.

- Please make the payment during the next 10 days after you have got the invoice.

- Postage-, registration post- and exhortation-charges will be paid by customers.

- If you don't take care of the shipment you nevertheless have to pay the post / freight charges.

- You only can send back the articles (in the original boxes) after you have contacted us and we will be agree. You have to pay    the charges.

- Until to this time you have paid the invoice the articles are our property.

- The court is in Sigmaringen.


We don't ship the articles with the German small packets (there is no insurance). We only ship with normal packets.


Post charges inside Germany:

Models: 11,60 DM (5,95 EURO) (inclusive 16% sales tax.)


Decals:     3,80 DM (1,95 EURO)

- Decals for  VEB-kits: 8,00 DM (4,10 EURO)

  If you order decals and kits, so you have to pay only 11,60 DM (5,95 EURO)!



Terms of payment inside Germany:


1.) Payment in advance:

Amount of invoice + post charges

(cash in DM in a registered mail or Eurocheque with max. 400,00 DM oder 200,00 EURO)


2.) C.O.D. parcel:

Amount of invoice +post charges + 4,00 DM (2,05 EURO) for C.O.D. parcel charge.

Additional you have to pay a 3,-- DM (1,55 EURO) C.O.D. parcel charge to your postman.


3.) Bank transfer in advance:

Amount of invoice + post charges


Volksbank Pfullendorf: German bank-code: 690 916 00

Account-number: 27 23 02



Terms of payment for foreign countries:

We accept:

- VISA and EuroCard/MasterCard.

We need the name of the Card owner, the VISA/MasterCard number and the Expiration date. If you make a letter- or a fax-order so we need your signature too. Please do not send Credit Card information via e-mail.      


- Eurocheque

  Not more than 400,00 DM (200 EURO) per Eurocheque.


If you pay with an Eurocheque you have to pay the charges of our bank. They have a 10,00 DM (5,15 EURO) bank-charge for     Eurocheques from foreign countries. So you have to pay amount of invoice + post charges + 10,00DM (5,15 EURO) bank-charge for Eurocheques from foreign countries.

(the German post-, telephone- and bank-charges are crazy!!)

After we have got your order we will go to our post office to get information about the post charges. 



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